Different From The...
By kwrloveseverything
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*Fanfiction Award winner 2018* After walking away from broken and tarnished relationships, Charlotte goes from having everything to having nothing. Trying to find a way to pay for medical school leads her to working in a bar. Working there wasn't ideal, but it has its perks. The bar happens to be a hot spot for 4 young male surgeons, one of them happens to be Niall Horan. The more Charlotte learns about Niall the more trapped she feels. Will Charlotte be able to survive Niall's plan for her or will she have to make plans of her own? Will Niall and Charlotte live up to each other's expectations? Find out in Different from the Rest! ------- A.N I hope you enjoy it! It is going to be so much fun to write, which means it will be fun to read. Let me know if you enjoy it. For the first little bit the book is clean, but it will turn mature. First with the language and then smut will be added. And shout out to @glimmer_oreos for the cover photo!

Chapter 1

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by kwrloveseverything