The Unexpected Twist
By aveycloud
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Alice Carnation is a normal teenager, with a bit of a different way of thinking. She's more of the girl who doesn't care what others think, but she also wants to feel accepted. Just finished her Junior year of highschool, and now her plan for the summer is to change. Change her physical appearance. With the help of her twin brother, Josh Carnation, and her best friend, Julio Night (pronounced with a J sound, not an H sound!), she begins her plan. In the process of getting there, she meets someone, and starts to like them... A lot! On the journey to being complete with her plan, an unexpected twist happens. Will it stop her from doing what she wants? What will her best friend and brother do? Will it change her on the inside? Join Alice on her adventure from transforming her appearance one step at a time, and with the twist. It all starts with one simple idea, and becomes bigger, way bigger than planned.

Chapter One: The Beginning

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The Unexp...
by aveycloud