Remembrance: Presen...
By IrisTheCow
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Eren, an 18 year old male orphan who has been hospitalised all his life because of his inability to walk, or even stand. What's worst is that he can no longer see due to an accident that happened long ago when he was only an 8 year old. Eren has lived a miserable life, always longing to be able to see what's beyond the walls of his plain, old, white hospital room. Levi, a short but grumpy 21 year old man who works in a bookshop not too far from the hospital Eren resides in, is asked to deliver a braille book to the hospital for Eren so he can learn about the things he's never seen or, possibly, never heard of before. Follow along this unforgettable journey between the two males as they build their relationship to the next level. And, as secrets unfold, how will they react to the unraveling lies that have been foretold by those they trust the most? ... Mild language (Use Of Derogatory Terms) ... Completed. ... Remembrance: Future [2] ONGOING!! Remembrance: Past [3] COMING SOON!!

1 || I Won't Forget, I Promise ||

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by IrisTheCow