The Midnight Storm...
By Dante_Greywolf
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[Book 2] Growing up isn't easy, especially not when you're Crown Prince Sebastian, heir to the Greenlander throne. While the God of Wrath reigns at court, the prince only finds empty seats at the dinner table. His once so close friends, Alex and Nick are fighting for their lives on opposite sides of the country, and King Thomas is becoming more secluded and paranoid by the day. When seemingly all hope is lost, Sebastian gets help from an unexpected source. Hundreds of miles more north, Fox is battling the implications of being a royal bastard. The young Fire Magician doesn't know whether to pledge allegiance to his half-brother or to King Ariel. And then a third royal arrives in Silvermark, a Prince from Ice...

Welcome to The Midnight Storm

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The Midni...
by Dante_Greywolf