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all ships with jimin including ot7 and other kpop dudes. these get updated like every other day. [MUST READ] IMPORTANT INFO: titles that are highlighted in bold are stories that im going to write/currently writing please notify me if you'd like to use one of these prompts, even if you are using a small part of one all prompts are thought of by me- if any are similar to something you've read/created then it's just a coincidence titles in other languages could be wrong, its hard to find good translations. feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, it would really help :)))) literally like no angst prompts, i just hate angst prompts ·•°•·•°•·•°•· JIKOOK: 27 YOONMIN: 8 VMIN: 9 MINJOON: 6 JINMIN: 5 JIHOPE: 7 VMINKOOK: 10 OTHER SHIPS: 9 JIMIN X ALL: 19 99 PROMPTS i'd be honored if anyone wants to use any of these ××


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jimin x b...
by nightsoda