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Mahiru and the others (Licht,Misono,Mikuni,Tetsu) were Normal Humans,and they were Omegas. In this Omega Universe,Only the Vampires are Alphas. And because of this,they are superior to Humans. Most humans are Omegas,while the luckiest ones are Betas. Oh yeah,Half-Subclasses exist and are Betas too,due to their Vampiric abilities canceling the Human abilities out, making an 'In-Between-Between-The-Omegas-And-Alphas'. However,Half-Subclasses are really rare in the world. Anyways. Annually,There would be a Event for the Alphas to Come And choose their Omegas. Mahiru and the others decided to come,not knowing what would wait for them as they dive,or delve,into their Worst Mistakes,or their Best ones.... But to Mahiru and Licht alone,excluding Misono, Mikuni and Izuna? Well,let's just say that they're going to receive a nice present at first,but will then receive a bad surprise afterwards. What's the 'Bad-Surprise'? Well,I can't say. Find out by reading. (I Do NOT own Servamp, nor its Characters.If I did,Kuro and Mahiru would be Canon by now.Oh and,also LawLicht.) (Anyways,I only own the Plotline/Storyline.And also,the Cover is made by FoxcatAI! She's amazing,please check her profile out!)

Chapter 1

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