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•Mainly Modern Link X Reader •Suggestions are welcomed •If you don't like how it's mainly modern Link X reader then don't read I am willing to do Skyward Link X Reader *if suggested* (etc) •Recommended for mature audiences because there is swear and some sexual themes. You've been warned. •I'm not the best and I will make mistakes and I'll try my best to avoid it. •I don't expect for this series of oneshots to get popular. •I don't do much but updates might be slow considering I'm a procrastinator. •I'm sorry to say that it's not gender neutral it's a girl reader I'm sorry. *DISCLAIMER* •I do not own anything from Nintendo The cover fan art does not belong to me. I'm not that talented. •It's belongs to: @tsuuuyu I'm not sure where it's from all I know is the author I got it from the internet cause I can't draw. Again not my work I added the title to the story.

Modern Link X reader •trusting•

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Link X re...
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