James & Vesper
By Fangirl3738
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After searching the other rooms, I found Greene in a room by himself. He looked up from his computer and asked, "Who are you?" "My name's Bond, James Bond." I answered. This is my alternate ending to Casino Royale where James (Daniel Craig) was able to save Vesper (Eva Green). James and Vesper work to get a pardon from the British government. James goes after Quantum and SPECTRE. Will Vesper regain Bond's trust or will James make a discovery that renews his trust in Vesper? Will they be able to live happily together? Disclaimer: I'm just borrowing the characters, events, and other elements of James Bond. They are the property of Ian Fleming, MGM, and Eon Productions. All images and the music video are the property of their respective owners. Charlotte and Hector Torres, and the storyline are the only property I own.

Chapter 1

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James &am...
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