The (Soccer) Player
By chubiris
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First book in THE KING CITY CHRONICLES. -- Meet Dulce, a girl with mad humor and an attitude. She hasn't been a lucky girl lately. From the moment her father died her life came tumbling down. She struggled with ADHD, got picked on at school and even her boyfriend turned his back on her. Her family decides to start over and moves to King City, California. Dulce joines the girls soccer team, only to discover that if she wants to stay on the team, she has to learn three rules by heart: 1. NEVER EVER date Drake Whitman. 2. Soccer isn't just a game, it's a life style. 3. Team mates are priority. Together, we are strong. Now this introduction hasn't come to an end yet. Meet Drake Whitman. Your average popular jock. Team captain of the boys soccer team, known as The Heartbreakers. Player. Rich. Arrogant. But there is more to him. Yeah, he's popular, but does anyone know his parents abandoned him? Does anyone know what it feels like when you have to take care of your younger brothers at a very young age? Does anyone know about his desire for the troubled new girl that he can't love because... well, she is on the other team? Everyone knows though those two soccer teams do everything but mix... so will love be able to survive? WARNING: This story is currently in the process of being rewritten; this version contains a lot of grammar as well as spelling mistakes. Read at your own risk - if you want the more cleaned up and perfected version I'd advise you to wait the short period of time until this story is perfected. Thank you for reading or waiting.

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The (Socc...
by chubiris