Born to Fly
By 97moonlight
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It's not every day you find out that you are a rider of dragons. Especially if you had spent almost half of your life in an oppressive orphanage, doing chores, working like a slave and trying to survive crazy children and evil housekeepers. For years Lilith had dreamed to have a family again, to have someone who could understand her for who she was and stay at her side, never leaving. Then, at twenty-one years old, on a beautiful sunny day, Destiny decided that enough was enough and that bringing chaos into her life would be fun. So Lily goes from a boring and dull life to a mad one, made of dragons, magic and elves. She goes from cleaning rooms to fight for freedom and liberty on top of a beautiful giant black dragon and with a squad to guard her back. There might be some strong language, gruesome scenes and violence. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 🐉Highest ranks🐉 # 1 in gryphon # 1 in fantasyfiction # 1 in flying # 1 in battle # 1 in rider # 1 in fantasyadventure # 2 in fantasycreatures # 3 in squad # 3 in battle # 4 in dragon # 4 in creatures # 5 in academy # 21 in fantasyadventure # 38 in Fantasy


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Born to F...
by 97moonlight