Knight of Kandor
By fernwehbookworm
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Kara Zorel Ward's life was turned up side down by circumstances out of her control. She had to hide who she was to save her life and her parents. Now the secrete kept her on constant guard but who would question the best knight in all the realm. Certainly no man would accept the fact that a women could possibly best them. Now, however, she is being sent to court to protect the Queen-in-waiting Lena Luthor. Lena Luthor is shaken after an attempt on her life. Her circle of trust shrinks to all of one person. Now a young, peasant knight shadows her every step. Something does not feel right about Sir Kal El Ward but also something about the man drew her in against her will. how was she supposed to run a country if she could not trust those around her? (PS Found the cover image on IFunny so if it is yours and you wish me not to use it please let me know. I couldn't find the original source. Also rated Mature for occasional chapter in the future that may or may not be sexually explicit)


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Knight of...
by fernwehbookworm