Motorcycle Girl
By paperandpen444
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Love never came easily for Nathan Reed. Growing up, when his friends would get girlfriends, he would always be the single one. He would be the one third wheeling at the eighth grade dance, homecoming, prom, and any other event involving his friends. Whether it was going to the mall with his friend and his friend's girlfriend, or going to the movies, he was single. He was always single. At age twenty three in his junior year of college, he's accepted his fate of being single forever. He stopped having crushes four years ago when she asked him for his best friends phone number. He has never even hugged a girl he likes, and he counts kissing Amanda Baldwin in the second grade as his first kiss. That is until Odeletta Guillotin walks into his French class for the first time, three days after the class already started, late, in a black leather jacket and combat boots. When the teacher talks in French after she's settled in her seat, saying something that nobody understands, Odeletta responds in fluent French. Nathan is promptly intrigued by her. She doesn't even notice him, and he finds himself noticing everything she does, from the way she grips her pen to the way she furrows her eyebrows when she's concentrating. He finds himself wanting to talk to her, but after years and years of rejection, he can't do it. When he finally gets up the nerve to talk to her, he finds there is a lot more to the mysterious French girl than meets the eye. DO NOT COPY THIS STORY, I WORKED HARD ON THIS STORY WITH IDEAS I CREATED FROM MY OWN IMAGINATION IF YOU WANT TO BE A WRITER, WRITE FROM YOUR HEAD, NOT FROM MINE This is the first book of four. The incredible cover is made by @nerdfpiper If you need a cover, I highly recommend her

Chapter 1: Odeletta

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by paperandpen444