Becoming His Male E...
By iLyna_chAn
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SECOND CHANCES, I didn't believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name. To the General, my father I should never have been born, I was conceived by a maid and caused his most beloved wife to never forgive him. Hidden and forgotten until I was needed to take my sisters' place, she was to become the Emperor's Empress as I was made to believe but eloped with her lover. A crime that will lead to the death of nine generations of the general's family descendants, therefore I was made to take her place and if caught I will have to take the blame and say it was due to my GREED. I wondered why the General's manor will allow a disfigured person like me to pose as my sister but before marrying the Emperor, I was assassinated, I heard my killers say " this way the generals manor will never be caught since the empress elect to be was assassinated before arriving at the imperial palace", they never planned on letting me enter the palace, I was their scapegoat to save their necks but I never thought I will get a second chance at life, a second chance to change my fate. In my past life, I was born to never be loved but to be used and discarded but not in this life, I don't care if I am not loved but I won't be used and discarded. BOOK COVER BY @silentscarlettt #Please note that NONE of the artworks/pictures in this story belongs to me, I DID NOT DRAW THEM and all credit goes to the artist but NOTE that the story itself is my ORIGINAL WORK, Also I am an Amateur writer so read at your own risk. COPYRIGHT LAWS APPLIES PLEASE DON'T REPOST THIS STORY ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION. I CAN NEVER GIVE ANYONE PERMISSION TO POST THE ENGLISH VERSION OF THIS STORY ANYWHERE AND IF I WHERE TO POST IT SOMEWHERE I WILL TELL MY READERS WHERE THAT WILL BE, SO IF YOU SEE IT PLEASE LET ME KNOW. THANKS. #boyslove- 12/06/18-highest ranking #1 HF-30/09/18-highest ranking #01


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