Spectra: The Mark o...
By Matteoarts
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Valentine has awoken with nothing but a name. Note awakens with nothing but a doctrine. Each has found themselves in Spectra, a strange galaxy with a unique and mysterious history. Spectra is home to many different forms of life, all of whom revere a long-dead race of beings they call the Architects. Though they are now gone, there are still remnants of them left behind in the forms of their creations, the Sentinels, autonomous drones that enforce tenets all must follow. Then there's the enigma of Eden, an unknown anomaly in the center of the galaxy which the Sentinels fiercely protect. As Val and Note are hunted down by a species of gene-splicers known as the Cell for reasons as of yet undiscovered, it will only be through the friendships and alliances they forge that they'll survive. They'll find purpose in one another through exploring the wonders of Spectra, taking it upon themselves to stop the Cell, and unraveling the hidden truth of their origins. Highest Rankings: #6 in Adventure, #8 in Mystery


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by Matteoarts