Wait (August Alsina...
By _jasthewriter
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22 year old August Alsina, was the youngest King Pin in New Orleans. He had it made, the cars, the clothes, fancy house, cars, girls, you name it! But he was missing something, someone.. he wanted love, but wasn't sure how to go about things, we all want something but don't understand how exactly we should approach it, he just needed a little push. 21 year old Dasani Douglas had just finished up her 4 years in college, earning her Bachelors in Finance. She was good at math and good with computers, now the only problem she had was trying to see if she wanted to deter towards real estate more or financial planning. I guess she'll get there when she gets there. She was no longer with her high school sweetheart, catching him cheating once was it for her, now she was on some to hell with love, show me the money type shit, we all say that, but you can't stop what the heart wants.. will she chase her heart or focus on her dream? Let's find out on this roller coaster, August and Dasani takes us on, hold on tight, cuz you're in for a ride!

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Wait (Aug...
by _jasthewriter