The Hamilton Charm
By LilMissSarcastic
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Most women describe Iver Hamilton to be sexy, suave, and sophisticated. He is sex on legs and a total man-whore. But when Talia Conners first meets the sexgod, an asshole is the only way she knows how to describe him, a self-centred, stubborn, egotistical bastard. He is a ruthless business tycoon and has no respect for anyone but himself. Talia can't be within two feet of him let alone work for him. But later when Talia meets Cassio and it seems as if everything is working itself out, one stupid mistake changes everything. Talia will have to deal with the consequences. Suddenly life no longer follows Talia's schedule. Her plan didn't involve juggling a boyfriend, a egotistical boss, a gay brother, a homophobic father and her dream of becoming a photographer. Life's not easy it's complicated and Talia will have to learn this the hard way. Join Talia on her journey where she soon discovers that there is no use crying over spilt coffee. His arrival in Paris as her new boss will change her life forever. For better...or for worse? Read on and find out!

The Hamilton Charm

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The Hamil...
by LilMissSarcastic