Legend (The Final I...
By squigmo
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Iris Gwenneth has become a lot of things in two years: the Rogue Captain of the Eldian army, a Remorda Guardian, a mother, and even the prestigious Heart of Eldia. Well loved across the country, Iris finds that her life is her own to conquer. She gives her willful determination and heart to good cause --to protecting the innocents of their country. But when Emperor Geh'lien Rus is poisoned and tensions rise with Erutha, she is reminded that being good isn't always easy --especially when it's against the law. As the Eldian borders shut down, and all Eruthans are punished for the crime of one, she decides to make a stand against the persecution not only for the good of her people... for the safety of her own family. In the epic final installment of Iris Gwenneth's tale, she will become the most difficult thing yet: a fugitive. Because it's hard to hide and fight all at the same time... ...especially when you're a legend.

Legend (The Final Installment)

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Legend (T...
by squigmo