Haters turn into Lo...
By OriginalMikaelsonFan
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I'm Cassia Salvatore, Damon Salvatore's identical twin. I've returned to Mystic Falls to see my brothers but unfortunately for me I also meet Kol Mikaelson. I hate him but like all of the other Mikaelson's. I hang out with Niklaus most. I've know Niklaus since 1868, he helped me through my early vampire years. But we also found out that I'm sorta him. Im a hybrid only instead of half werewolf I'm half witch. Half witch and half vampire. Back to me meeting the jackass. So Kol and I hate each other more than anything on this Earth. Kol tried to kill me countless of times. Nikki has stopped him each and every time. Oh right Nikki is the nickname I gave Klaus back in the the 1800's. Instead of me telling you the short version of the story I'll tell you the long story. This is my story about Kol the Jackass and I. This story does not follow the TV show completely. Esther stays dead Finn is alive and is a friend of Cassia's.

Chapter 1

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Haters tu...
by OriginalMikaelsonFan