Ghostly: The Signed...
By writeordie0214
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High school. It's basically the jungle. You got the hunters: the jocks, cheerleaders, the rich kids and anyone else deemed as "cool". And then you have the prey: everyone else. Now me, I don't associate with either. I don't hunt the weak and I'll be damned if I become anybody's prey. My name is Sierra Fallow. My biggest concerns right now should be finding the perfect dress for homecoming and getting into the culinary school of my dreams. Instead it's dealing with my newfound ability to see ghosts, finding my sister's murderer, and trying not to end up in the looney bin. I mean, if someone told YOU that they could talk to ghosts including their dead twin sister, what would you think? Not to mention the two new drool worthy guys that's showed up. Michael, the blue eyed goofball, and Camron, the mysterious bad boy. If that wasn't enough, teen girls are disappearing again. They're all the same. Dark hair and green eyes. Just like my sister. Just like me. If I don't stop this, there's a chance that I might become the next victim.

Chapter 1

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by writeordie0214