The Arrangement|| D...
By Lou_louxoxo
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• You remind me of a sunrise, because no matter how similar it is to the first one I saw, it will never be the same • It was a simple arrangement: beneficial to both families. An exchange of money for the exchange of vows. Their opinions on the matter weren't required because they didn't matter. A loveless marriage is perfectly fine so long as the Lords of both families were satisfied with their profit from the arrangement - even if their heirs were only sixteen. The contract was signed without either the bride or groom present. Soon-to-be Mrs Malfoy, Coralie Fay has come to terms with just how little control she has over her own life. She's prepared to be Lady Malfoy; she isn't, however, prepared for all the other crap she's apparently going to have to tolerate once she becomes a Malfoy in general.


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The Arran...
by Lou_louxoxo