Tragic Love | z.m
By Zetillian13
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Victoria "Tori" Grey is an ambitious girl. She dreams to be a famous model someday in the future. She was independent and strong. She would work hard to get what she want and wouldn't take no for an answer but due to a tragic event, she became the opposite. Zayn Malik in the other hand is living the life of everybody's dream- wealthy, successful, popular and has ladies at his feet. But that is not enough for him- it's actually not what he really wanted. He never wanted anything more than one thing. Revenge. That is all he wanted- to avenge his love ones. After one night, Tori's life changed. She was unknowingly dragged into Zayn's life. His mysteriousness is what pulled her to him and her innocence pulled him to her. But little did she know she has a lot to do with Zayn's goal. Disclaimer: This is my first book so mistakes are inevitable. Happy reading!! ❤❤❤

Characters + Author's Note

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Tragic Lo...
by Zetillian13