Crown of Thorns
By zanthenewt
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Atlantis was the first city to sink. Hundreds of cities followed, and millions of people drowned, swallowed by an unforgiving ocean. It seemed as if half the world was underwater. Among the few survivors was Ayesha Akhdir. In a post-apocalyptic world, Ayesha must navigate visions and voices, discovering abilities she can't explain. Ayesha soon meets others who have survived, each with their own unique abilities. She doesn't know why she's survived or what her purpose is. She doesn't have long to find out. "Just as the wave prepared to crash down and engulf the land, swallowing everyone on it, blinding pain erupted in my head, sending me staggering away from the window. Before everything fell black I heard a familiar voice roar in my mind. 'THE BEGINNING IS NIGH!'" The Beginning of what? WHAT READERS ARE SAYING "I love the Description and imagery..." "...Readers will definitely want to tag along for the journey." "Exquisitely painful. Great writing." "I am in absolute awe of your imagination! It knows no bounds." "I am left feeling quite breathless by the way you paint your scenes. It must be a quite incredible place inside your mind!!" *Grammar Queen: the Story Crafters Awards 1st: The Invisible Awards 1st: The Recognition Awards 1st: the World of Champions Awards 1st: the Winter Rose Awards 2018 1st: the Astral Society Awards 2019 1st: the Winter Dusk Awards 1st: the Biannual Beginners Writers Awards 1st: Blue Orchid Awards 2nd: the Geranium Awards 2nd: The Greatest Awards 2nd: the Story Crafters Awards 2nd: the Winter Circle Awards 2nd: Rose Awards* Cover by the fantastic @niranju98 *This is a work of fanfiction based on Kresley Cole's 'The Arcana Chronicles'. It is written so that you don't need to have read the series to understand it so don't be deterred. Actually, those who have not read the series will likely get more out of my story. Some of the lines are the same for reasons that do mesh with the canon text.*


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Crown of...
by zanthenewt