Marrying Him ?
By bluerosesmylove
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Ranked highest #10 in Romance for just 24 hours. Hey but The best 24 hours of my life ? Ahaana Chaturvedi is a small town belle. She has been in love for with a guy for 10years. She knew she never had a chance with him. Yet her heart loves him. So what happens when she has to stay in her crush's home? Will he finally notice her? Or he snubs her attempts like before? The moment Ajay Abel James notices Ahaana has grown into a beautiful girl and she is not a fat village girl who used to follow him every where with her big dove eyes he knew trouble is near. Can he avoid her like before? Or will he give into his newly growing attraction towards her? Or worse he still thinks her a gold digger and stay away as always? Follow Ahaana-Ajay story to know whether sparks fly or shoes fly. Warning: My hero and heroine are not going to be picture perfect, famous and God and Goddess performing miracles and becoming saints. My characters are flawed. Especially hero. He is going to say shit, get things fucked up, shout, yell, swear and say/do questionable things. His character is going to be as close as normal human male who is stupid, idiotic, crazy and worse flawed. So be WARNED. If you don't like such character or you Want a story with cliché love story with amazing hero, you need to stay away from my story. It's going to mess you up. Re:: Warning: As story progress it contains strong sexual content and also slow updates in a slow pace. Children less than 18 are warned.


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by bluerosesmylove