That Lazy Gal Out o...
By DekuSdante
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You know the last thing that Kiyoshi had ever expected to happen in her life time was to end up magically teleported into a movie. But then again no one really knows what happens after you die. Know don't worry Kiyoshi lived a long lonely but happy life, living to be 81 before her body finally gave out on her on the year 2077. She thought she was closing her eyes for the last time, so imagine her surprise when she not only woke up in the year 1987 but also in a well known place called Santa Carla! How will she manage not only being in a movie/place that isn't supposed to be real but also finding out she is the adopted into the Emerson family. [Once a Week Updates]

Chapter 1 This can not be real

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That Lazy...
by DekuSdante