Tree of Eternity
By LBegallie
  • Fantasy
  • cult
  • disguise
  • eternal
  • eternallife
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • pagan
  • persecution
  • religion
  • tattoo


The Tree of Eternity shelters all those who just believe. Or it used to, before the people banished the Tree and all it stood for. Now believed pagan and cult-like, the Tree of Eternity has a new name: The Tree of the Dead. Those few left who believe must do so in secret or be forever banished from civilization, if not put to death as a cultist. Dreavyn, the daughter of a high lord, believes in the Tree. She has told no one, but soon her secret will be revealed. Not only will she be entitled to banishment or death, but Lady Mansa, a witch who believes in a twisted version of the Tree, seeks for Dreavyn to fulfil dark prophesy and give Mansa the power she craves. Will Dreavyn give in to a life of solitude and banishment, or will she stand up for what she believes? Or will she be dragged into the sorcery of evil? ** This is a first draft and will eventually be reworked (probably a lot) before being published. The first draft will always remain available on Wattpad though!

Chapter One

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Tree of E...
by LBegallie