no promises (colby...
By weylynmarie
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You and your friends were always out doing crazy things for your 1.8 million subscribers to watch every Thursday. This specific day you went to an abandoned hospital and out of some rare coincidence you met Sam and Colby there. You guys started talking from then on and eventually lead to a relationship with Colby and you're friends became distant and left California without telling you until last minute. All you have in California is Colby and all the people you've met through him and a couple friends from before you met him, and- I'm going to stop it here, keep reading the story to know what happens in further detail! **no chapters are reviews so they're may be a few spelling errors. they will be corrected when the book is completed!** »»» A/N » "announcement" Y/N » "Your Name" Feel free to leave feedback, questions and suggestions in the comments! I'll probably need ideas for later on! Please Vote! ♥️ Each Chapter is 2000+ words excluding the 'thank you' notes at the end of the chapters! Hope you enjoy! 🕊

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no promis...
by weylynmarie