Sorry It was a dare
By MakingPossibilities
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Highest Rank : #28 " No no no no... I'm not doing any dares. Last time, you guys forced me to shave Erin's pet, and I was grounded for a whole month. I'm not doing any. ", I said, clearly as the mouth of the bottle turned towards me. " Sorry, but I'll give you a dare. ", Nathan, my annoying brother said, grinning, like an evil. " God... ", I gasped, when Myra and Aron sat, up, in interest. Nathan is really a good dare giver. " I dare you... to punch the first person you meet, after you step out of the house. ", he said. There was the freaking dare. " What... please. no. ", I groaned, but I knew I had to do it. Nathan knew secrets, which if spilled, I'll be grounded for a whole year. Maybe, more than that. " Okay... ", I said, and got to the door. As I opened, I saw the whole road clear. I sighed in relief, when I heard footsteps. Sam Calvert, I recognized, as I saw him coming. No, I can't be punching him. He has been my crush since sophomore year. *-* Sam pinned me, to the wall, his face so close to me. " So, you are the one, who punched me, that night? ", he hissed at me. " S-sorry, it was a dare. " *-*

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Sorry It...
by MakingPossibilities