Hidden Pain (Nalu F...
By Drina_Bloom
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Lucy Heartfilia stands there staring at the pink haired man in front of her. "We need your... skills..." his voice dark as he called a guard over to release her. No one knows her as Lucy Heartfilia, she's a dangerous criminal with the name of Stella Kardia. She has been forced to live a terrible life, she didn't deserve any of that. "Natsu Dragneel, should i call you Salamander or E.N.D.?" Her voice teasing. "How the hell do you know that?" His voice angered yet curious. After being captured and changing her name and looks she was put through hell. Getting trained to kill, torture, hack, so many other things. She was put in jail after going on a killing spree. When taken out by a Fairy Tail agent her life begins to seem better. "It's you..." she cried out, she ran towards me as i felt tears falling down my face. "Lucy, i thought i had lost you forever!" Her sobs breaking my heart. "M-mom..."

Chapter 1

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Hidden Pa...
by Drina_Bloom