Sold to You (teache...
By Jolinsmyfavecouple
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This is the story about a girl and what her parents did to make ends meat. I cant believe this all happened to me but take a journey into the life of Jacqueline Tailer who gets sold to a man who has no desires in life it self. He then proceeds to take her in until she says something that changes everything he thought he knew "Im too young to love but not have sex with?" Just that simple sentence is the one that made him fall for her. But, it doesn't stop there when he starts to love her, come to find out he's her teacher! He's also got something he's hiding from Jacqueline. Find what happens to an emotionally abused girl and the answers she tries to face, also will she ever forgive the parents who sold her for a fun night? And will the guy she thinks she wants be the best for her? Find out in Sold for Sex.

Sold to You (teacher/student story) Part 1

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Sold to Y...
by Jolinsmyfavecouple