Jessica's Trail
By jmz1014
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"That was the courts choice and I jumped on the first train when I realized this town has nothing for me left." Jessica Blair lived in Boston for her entire life. Raised only by her mother Rosa, she grew up to be a beautiful, untrusting, sixteen year old. She only trusted one person, her mother. Her life from the very start was surrounded by danger. Secrets from her past caught up to her family. Though it never was her dusky for what happened, she's now all on her own. Taking the train to another dangerous city, she has to come to terms with someone she's never met, but has the biggest impact on her life now. It's time to meet her father. Disclaimer!!!!!! This is a Gotham fan fiction! I do not own Gotham or any of the DC Universe characters or plot. I only own my own characters and the story line of this very fan fiction. Reminder: fan fictions are a story that is UNTRUE to the actual story that it's based off of. Do not start commenting that certain things did not happen, because obviously if the is a FAN FICTION, they did not. Disclaimer!!!! For each chapter the title will be a quote from a song. The song title and artist will be placed at the end of each chapter. Thanks for checking out this story and I hope you like it. Later?

I took the midnight train

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by jmz1014