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COMPLETED ✔️✔️ *** "I won't bite...yet... I promise" He said with his signature smirk. I was contemplating whether to continue walking in this rain or let him drive me home. The moment I heard the sound of thunder I rushed into the car. "Fine...but don't try anything funny" "Yaa Allah....I..Tawfiq...try anything funny?...habiba don't worry you're in safe hands" I hated him calling me Habiba but I don't voice out my thoughts and try to avoid the sounds of thunder plaguing my ears and reaching the core of my body. *** Naima Abdul Salam isn't your normal girl. Having to secure her scholarship in school is proving difficult when she has to join an extra-curricula class. Catching the attention of Tawfiq Abdul Rahim proves rather easy nothing of which Naima wants and it seems to be breaking the one rule in her life. Everyone hides something from the world... .but what? As the saying goes, Nothing is truly hidden... Read and find out the secrets hidden, the twist and turns, jealousy and hatred, drama, faith and religion all lead to their extraordinary story. Forget SNOW WHITE and CINDERELLA....This is NAIMA'S story. Note: Mild swearing in the book. It's a partly religious and romantic story.


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by FarakhanRashid