For Alice, With Love
By MustangSabby
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⭐️Complete⭐️ Amelia Harris never expected she'd have to share a roof with Chris Smith. Ever. When she took over managing the Smith Estate for his mother, he'd still been happily married in the city, far away from Juniper and her long-broken heart. It had been ten years since Alice had died and they had kissed on his balcony, at her funeral. But here he was. As handsome and sexy as ever, acting like a class-A jerk, making a mess wherever he went. Freshly divorced and dealing with the fallout poorly, he's nothing like the boy she knew, his attitude and disregard for her creating havoc in the house. Before long, tempers flare all around. Alice had said in a letter to her brother that the two of them would need each other. She had needed Chris, that was true... But he hadn't been there. He'd left after the funeral; never calling or answering any of the angsty, grief-filled letters she'd sent him. Could they bury the hurt from the past and become close, like they were before Alice died? Was it still true that they needed one another? Or was it too late? * "For Alice, With Love" is a contemporary love story about betrayal, healing, and coming home to what you really needed all along, and is my first novel.

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For Alice...
by MustangSabby