One of the Boys
By xoxo_loves_kisses
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Cassandra Raffy I. Ong belongs to the Circus of Death and she was given a mission by Death, a mission that she needs to accomplish alone and away from her twin sister and this mission is to look for the missing son of Daniel Jordan who is someone very close to Death. She needs to enter Don Manuel Academy for boys because that is her only source where this missing child is studying now. How can Raffy finish this mission if she herself don't know who she is looking for? Will she finish her very 1st mission alone successfully? Or will she fail and embarrass herself in the underground world? P.S. As of April 23,2019, the author decided to unpublish all chapters (excluding the prologue and the announcement made to notify its Reader) for the book will undergo some minor revisions to offer a higher quality of work. ~ xoxo_loves_kisses

One of the Boys Prologue

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One of th...
by xoxo_loves_kisses