The Mohiri
By Johnstonr3
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Sang Sorenson has been living the past eighteen years of her life wondering why she was different. She refuses to believe that she is evil, even though she's always felt the darkness lingering in the back of her mind. It's as if one half of herself is dedicated to the light that wishes to nourish and heal, while the other half is driven to destroy. With her dark past and knowledge of the real world, Sang struggles to live a normal life, but was she really meant to sit idle and observe from the outside, or was she destined for something greater? The nine men from the Blackbourne team have done and seen things that would have most people running for their lives, but when they try to bring one stubborn, young woman into the mix, it may just test every ounce of control they have trained so hard to possess. One thing we know for sure is that although these nine warriors believe they have seen all there has to be offered in this world, they will be in for the shock of their lives after the blonde haired and green eyed beauty makes herself known. Follow Sang and the boys on an ultimate journey of love, painful truths, friendship, stalker vampires, and trolls. (This is a Ghost Bird Fan Fiction including a Relentless twist. Most characters are under the credit of C.L. Stone and Karen Lynch).


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The Mohiri
by Johnstonr3