Hey, Little Lady
By HermyneKhaling
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Lily Khaling is a girl with simple dreams. She loves life and she doesn't ask much. She's just a little pampered being an only child with an obsession over finding her One True Love. With Daniel Ramai, the one she calls big brother, by her side, she's not afraid of anything. But of course, this is the case only when she's a child. Lily has to grow up and see for herself all that could go wrong in this life, in "her" life. When events that crashes her hopes and dreams take her farther away from the kind of life she prayed for, the people she loves, she's forced to see the cruelty of people and of fate. Daniel has always protected her but, the question is - for how long can he keep her safe by his side? Would it even be right of him to keep an eye on her all her life? After all, he's not even her real brother, he's not even her husband. But Lily needs him. And as long as she needs him, he knows he's not going anywhere. He'll stay. ------------------ "I made so many promises to her," he says lowly with anguish in his eyes. "I told her I'd protect her. I told her I'd make sure she's happy. If this will ruin my life, let it. I'd give anything for her. Lily trusts me. She looks up to me to fight for her. I can't live thinking that I let her be. I could be wrong. I could be right but, I'll make sure that Lily gets what she deserves." ------------------- "You promise?" She asks him and holds out her little finger. Faith gleams in her child-eyes as she looks up at him. So much hope and trust. He smiles and entwines his little finger with hers. "I promise." [★ Updates on Tuesdays and Fridays ] [ COVER BY @MoranaGlinka ]

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Hey, Litt...
by HermyneKhaling