The Girl Who Carrie...
By HermyneKhaling
  • Romance
  • agegap
  • diversity
  • healing
  • inclusive
  • lovestory
  • maturethemes
  • sweetromance
  • truelove


Daniel was just ten years old when he moved into Ronghei's household and became the son he never had. When Ronghei's only daughter Lily was born, she filled the house with her fiery cries and Daniel's heart with her smile that seemed to carry the Sun. She was the little storm that he loved. When tragedy hits the family, Daniel finds himself in the position that was always meant for him - a big brother to protect and care for her. And he would be there for her through thick and thin. Only that he hadn't expected her to grow up one day and enchant him heart and soul. He'd expected her to remain that same little girl in his eyes, and that she was not doing. It was in the way she laughed, the light in her soul, the way she'd come knocking on his door at midnight when nights are rough. But he can't love her. That was never the plan. And he does not have it in him to let her know. He would never let her know. He'd take it to his grave with him. The right and most honorable way for him is to love her from afar, very deeply and truly for that matter, and eventually let her go to find her own way... [2nd July 2022]

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The Girl...
by HermyneKhaling