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SHOOKT 1.0 Nora is a solid fangirl who managed to get her crush's cell number from her big brother (without him knowing). She texted him everyday, sending him encouraging messages and inspiring quotes from her favorite books and movies. Arch, the athlete that's currently dominating the UAAP Men's Basketball season A.K.A. Nora's ultimate crush, never once replied. One night, instead of an inspiring text, Nora accidentally sent him a rant. And what do you know? Arch finally texted back. LIT AF 2.0 Sabrina had expected to fangirl at Wanderland, the annual music festival for indie music in Manila. But what she didn't expect was to fangirl over someone she hadn't seen in years. Her high school crush came back into her life, looking hotter than ever - gone were the boy-next-door features, now a man through and through. But the thing was, even though he was the highlight of her high school years, was she his? Did he remember her name? Did he recognize her face? What if he doesn't even know her at all? WHOMST 3.0 Chie's world has always been crazy. During the day, she goes to class. During the night, she attends events. On weekends, she meets up with friends. Ansel likes to keep things easy and simple. He goes to basketball practice before and after school, he keeps his grades above average, and he drinks his Saturday nights away. Girls? They just come and go. What if one day, a girl came into Ansel's life and stayed? What if one day, the girl who was once his life came back? Would he break Chie's heart for someone who broke his? But the ultimate question is, would Chie let him?

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