My Time Sweeper Sto...
By TMNTlover4life
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Blinx finds this girl crying while he was doing his work 1 day. She pretty, yet seems very strange at the same time. Blinx willingly brings her back to the Time Factory and convinces CEO to make her a sweeper also and to be by his side. But very soon, the Tom Tom Gang comes to fight the sweepers, but ends up kidnapping the girl instead. Benito falls in love with her at first sight and plans to marry her! Will Blinx come and be able to rescue her? Will Benito successfully marry this girl? What will happen next? Read to find out! This is my story based off of the game "Blinx the Time Sweeper". If you know or played it, you know that the cats speak gibberish in the first game. I'm pretty sure they speak Portuguese and I will also make them speak it. But don't worry, I'll translate it for you! I'm using Google Translate, so forgive me if it isn't perfect Portuguese. Plz enjoy!

Chapter 1...

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My Time S...
by TMNTlover4life