Steeling Her
By ashleyc94
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Nick Jackson is Ole Miss's hottest player on and off the field. Bagging himself a football scholarship to the college of him dreams, he finally gets to focus on playing ball alongside his best friend. Hopping from girl to girl being his usual routine, he returns back to college but with another addition made. His younger sister Haley got into the same college. Carter Steel, has a famous last name in the football industry. She keeps it to herself until people find out, when they do they only want to use her to get to her brothers or her father. Very quiet and shy girl but will snap if you push her too far. Originally from New York, she got into Ole Miss and is starting college the coming fall. Not good at making or keeping friends, she's nervous to meet her new roommates in the college her parents and older brothers went to. Being on her own will help her independence, but she's a family girl and makes a promise to herself to make new friends and to enjoy college. Little does she know that it'll end up bringing complications. New friends, new environments and new boys. WARNING ******This book contains mature scenes and strong language. Read at your own discretion****** *I don't own the rights to the cover photo*

I Love Tequila

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by ashleyc94