Me Like Yuh I G-Dra...
By damon_misaki92
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ranks: 1# Medical students Becoming a Cardio thoracic surgeon, is my biggest dream. Marrying my boyfriend of 6years, was another dream of mine. That got crushed in a second... A cheating boyfriend made me realise that I had to pick up my life. And start fresh again somewhere else. Which I did, I moved from New York.. back home. Seoul..South Korea. The place to be, where my best friend lives. Kim Do Hyeon..also a student, who wants to become a pediatric surgeon. Lim Anna's the name, and boys ain't the game. Meeting a mysterious guy, at a nightshop while eating Noodles. A onenightstand, led to three nightstands. Which led to a weird friendship... The rest is history. With time and Noodles... our feelings started to change for one another. But little did I know, that he wasn't just an ordinary guy. Discovering who he is, is what changed everything. Crazy fangirls, annoying siblings. Life's not that easy though.. throw in a shady cousin, crazy exes, possessive parents, shitty jobs and some drama. Just a romance story to say... #Goals to.


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Me Like Y...
by damon_misaki92