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By laorangerose
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⚔️wattpad featured story--1st place for science fiction in multiple awards. 🛸 Cornelia's eyes burned with the liquefied salt of her shattered soul; her feet pounded against the rough terrain of the untamed forest. The straps of her sandals flapping uselessly in the wind. A scroll, by Cicero, the most lauded orator in all of Rome, was clutched to her chest. She slammed past thorns and stray branches, unaware of the shreds of fabric that ripped from her dress. - That is only the beginning of this epic retelling of Persephone and Hades, and the myths that changed the history and culture of Greece and Rome. This is not your average turn of the century love story. It is an adventure full of twisted myths and bloodthirsty beasts. It is a world where Pandora's box is real and Medusa has more to her than an awe-inspiring hairdo. Every story has an element of truth but has been twisted and manipulated through the sands of time. Find out how these legends could have happened. My promise to you, my dear readers, is that you do not need to be familiar with the myths to enjoy this epic retelling. Each one is explained in the author's notes for those that seek to learn. For everyone else, just enjoy the adventure! Can Cornelia protect her world from a lost crew of renegade 'gods' and the creatures that they brought with them? Wattpad pick: Ides of March 1st place in science fiction for the Penguin awards. 1st Place in Science Fiction Stella Luna Awards Wattpad ONC rounds 1&2 participant Featured on Action profile for "to Infinity & Beyond" and Myth and legend profile "Roman Mythology" #64 highest ranking to date in science fiction. #294 highest rank to date in Historical Fiction #136 in adve


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The S.S...
by laorangerose