Guiding Stars
By AshCinder
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✧ HIGHEST RANKING: #196 on Fantasy ✧ Fourteen year old Aven Whitmeyer is a "Special," in a world where those with powers are discriminated against. The "Normals" consider them to be a danger, and being one is considered a disgrace to all who know you. When she's kicked out of her home for discovering her magical abilities, she finds herself at the doorstep of the mysterious Hudson House- a safe spot for Specials like herself. However, the safety of her home is at risk when mysterious, Corrupted monsters begin to appear. Powerful beings who were once Specials like herself. After losing friends and a threat appearing at every turn, Aven quickly realizes that her world is changing. She must decide whether to sit and watch it go down, or take a stand to protect the only place she belongs. ✧ New chapters every Friday! ✧ (Book 1 in the Guiding Stars trilogy. Current cover is by @beethrooot on Instagram!)

Chapter 1: Special

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Guiding S...
by AshCinder