Crystal Clear
By -ShadowWolf-
  • Paranormal
  • beasts
  • bxb
  • curse
  • demons
  • dragons
  • fallenangle
  • familiar
  • gay
  • goddess
  • gods
  • greekgodsandgoddesses
  • japanesefolklore
  • kitsune
  • magic
  • mature
  • romance
  • shifters
  • soulmates
  • witchcraft


The dragon king, Orion is missing, gone into hiding many centuries ago. In his absence a demon group called the Jackals had risen. For centuries, the church has been fighting them off. Luka, a former angel; cast out of Heaven for he'd killed one of his own. One of the church branches leaders is Samuel Nakamura, a priest at the local church. Father Samuel lived at the abandoned shrine of the dragon Orion. It was there where he trained Mason as a witch, to fight with magic and to heal as well. One day, a mission brings Mason to the edge of death, leaving him with most of his memories fuzzed over. The demon, Senjiro and his group escaped, and Mason's friends are left to piece his memories back together. But he can't shake the feeling that something is wrong when memories suddenly start to resurface, thanks to a strange red-headed man he meets on his way home from school.


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Crystal C...
by -ShadowWolf-