The Zombie Song [ R...
By silent-specter
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❝If I were a zombie, I'd never eat your brain. I'd just want your heart.❞ ☠ ☠ ☠ Eren is what you could consider a zombie. Or, as some people refer to them, Titan. The only hitch? He's still got human emotions, feelings, and an actual thought process. He can still speak instead of just gurgling out moans. At first, other Titans didn't like him much. He got bit four times. The last time, he died. Only . . . His flesh did not rot or decay, and though his heart no longer beat, he still seemed alive. Because of this, he considered himself immune, or something close to it. He's still relatively human, only . . . He's a bit undead, is all. No big deal, right? Right . . . When he meets a survivor named Levi Ackerman, things take a sharp turn. Eren saves Levi's life, and gradually a bond forms between the alleged zombie and the human. [ LEVI X EREN RIREN/ERERI AU. INSPIRED BY ❛the zombie song❜ SANG BY STEPHANIE MABEY. ]


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The Zombi...
by silent-specter