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By -Banana-Bread
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AM I A MONSTER? "You have always got us, and I will always take care of you." ••• Aria Bridges had been in the cave for four years when John Winchester found her. Then realizing the absence of her parents, he took her under his wing and she became part of his family, and came to love his sons, Sam and Dean, like she'd loved her own little brother. When John goes missing, they spend nearly a year, hunting every monster and demon they found on the road, until they found him; and he's got a lead on who killed his wife. Through every up and down, every twist and turn they come across, Aria stood beside the Winchester's and helped them create and further the legacy they'd been left with, and stayed with the until the end. Every single one of them. [DEAN WINCHESTER X OC] [SUPERNATURAL] [SEASON 1 - ]


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A Simple...
by -Banana-Bread