Itachi's twin: the...
By KarmaAkabane425
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Reborn in the world of naruto as Itachi's twin. His old life? Well let's just say he'd rather not talk about it. Now finally starting to care about other's, he cares mostly about his twin, minato, minato's wife, minato's students, his gonna be little brother, minata's gonna be son and exceptional few other's. Instead of itachi killing all but sasuke from their clan, he took his twins place. Knowing the great pain he Will face along the way. He makes them hate him, it hurts him that he has to hurt his brother's like that. But for their safety he will do it. After dying and the truth is now found out, his brother's want to destroy the hidden leaf for hurting their brother. Now brought back with the edo tensei, his brother's search for their brother, he can be brought back to life because of the things he did when he was alive. But right now he needs to deal with the one who is using edo tensei...


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by KarmaAkabane425