Law of Attraction (...
By ToyaJustina
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Ricardo Santos owns one of the best law firms in the city. He spends his days defending London's wealthiest and his nights bedding London's prettiest. A man that busy needs a PA and although he doesn't particularly choose Jaimee Choudhary - who is an arrogant writer looking for a challenge - that's who he ends up with. Though they have little more than a big ego in common, they soon realise there's a chemistry there that goes beyond witty repartee. Ricardo can't seem to get enough of those piercing green eyes and despite punch ups, hospital trips and a bucketload of vodka, Jaimee is stuck remembering one special night and a pair of torturous stubble-lined lips. In a world of secrets, the two men find out there is no law of attraction. Now what are they willing to do with that information?


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Law of At...
by ToyaJustina