Of Blood & Choc...
By ShatteringDesire
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There is this crackling energy in the air, and I've been feeling sick. It's been like this for weeks – ever since that strange crackling energy that's in the air appeared. I can only guess that they're thinking, "Oh, must be another Stiles thing." And brushed it off to continue their… investigation of the source of this… energy-thingy. :::: Or, in other words, I'm fucking with Teen Wolf by kicking canon off to the side. Anyways, this fic here has random references of a bunch of things that I don't remember (I think so, anyway), and I should also tell you right now that the title, Of Blood & Chocolate: Hunter of Gatherer, will make sense eventually if it doesn't already. Though I must say, I have never really written anything for a character that has the same diagnose as I do before, and I'm actually wondering why the fuck I haven't. Oh well. Hopefully this just means I can do Stiles justice – if not, well. Shit luck, then. Oh yeah, if you get smacked with an idea because of this - kinda doubt it though - feel free to use this chapter and the OC to your heart's content, just tell me so I can stalk your profile until you post it so I can read it.

Chapter One

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Of Blood...
by ShatteringDesire