Hunted (Belle Morte...
By Bella_Higgin
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Forced to team up to bring renegade vampires to justice, vampire Ludovic and human Roux insist they don't need each other--but they can't help wanting each other. ***** The battle for Belle Morte has been fought and won, but with enemy vampires escaped into the city, the fight is not over. Pressure from human authorities is mounting, and the future of vampirekind hangs in the balance. The escapees must be brought to justice - and fast. For reclusive vampire Ludovic de Vauban, this is the perfect opportunity to confront his fears about the world beyond the mansion's walls. But he can't do this alone. Roux Hayes knows she's the girl for the job. Accomplished liar, quick thinker, and modern human, she can help Ludovic navigate a world that has long since left him behind. Ludovic thinks he doesn't need help. Roux doesn't care. As they work together to preserve a future for their friends, they discover a mutual passion that neither of them expected, one that burns hotter than anything either of them have ever experienced. But the shadow of their old enemies stretches longer than they ever imagined... (Book 3, the Belle Morte Series) [[word count: 200,000-250,000 words]] Cover designed by Regina Dionela

Chapter One

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Hunted (B...
by Bella_Higgin