One Last Breath
By that_riddikulus_girl
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Jake has always felt a little lonely. Sure, he has his friends at school but they never made enough time out of their busy lives to hang out with him. One day, walking through an alley, he heard a bark. Following to the sound, he found a little pup that has been abandoned. Taking her home, he started to finally enjoy his life. But ever since he brought the little pup back he experienced a change of attitude. Alexis always thought she would always be alone. She had to steal food in order to survive. She had to live in a dirty alley she calls home. However, she learns she has a connection to the water that might help her survive... When learned that you can't always get what you want, it was too late. Phoenix thought that her life sucks. She secretly had been slipping her grades, she secretly gets beaten up at home and her crush doesn't seem to like her back. But her life takes a turn... for the worst. Blaze had the BEST LIFE EVER! Key word: Had. He HAD his best friends, he Had his brother, Burk, he HAD his very first friend, Jake and he HAD his crush that didn't seem to like him back. He hated his life and everyone else in the world. He thought that he would never move on until a new girl shows up at the school. Monique liked her life. She had a decent or normal life. Until that is that she is forced to move to another country because her dad died. She has to leave her friends, and her boyfriend. Sadly she had to break up with him. All she could ever think is that she missed her home and her friends and boyfriend. But she forgot all about her boyfriend after she meets a peculiar boy at her new school. Amethyst Jackson and her dad, Percy Jackson and her mom, Annabeth Jackson, moved to Florida with Monique Bubbles, her best friend. When she arrives at her new school, her eyes catches a familiar black haired boy in the school. Will he remember her? Whose side will she have to choose in a rumor that has appeared at their school?

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One Last...
by that_riddikulus_girl